Game Video - Analysis - Highlights

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Game Video - Analysis - Highlights

Post by Full Frame Sports on Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:35 pm

Does your team need video ?

Full Frame Sports partners with organizations, teams and athletes who want to expand player/coaching development programs and increase athlete recruitment opportunities .   We maximize your game video to provide a complete video solution for your team.  

High Definition game recording
Using specialized recording equipment we provide High Definition game video at a broadcast level recording angle (up to 30ft.) ensuring consistent recording angles for any game without obstructions even when there are no press box facilities or quality vantage points available.  Sample video - Full Frame Sports Network

Video analysis management
We can work with a team's current analysis software or recommend sport specific software to maximize the game video for players and coaches. Team staff can filter highlights, add annotations and coaching notes and share specific video clips, providing all the tools you need to conduct video sessions.

Highlight and recruitment video
Assist players and teams with managing personal profile pages to include their game highlights and profile information.  Players can select their best highlights, annotate using spot shadows and other identifiers, add personal, athletic and academic information and easily share with fans, scouts and recruiters.

Live game streaming
For out of town games, tournaments or other important games, live stream game options are available.  Live game streaming productions can include scoreboard overlays and broadcaster to present a more complete production experience.

For more details on how your team can implement a complete video program, contact us at for more information.

Full Frame Sports

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Re: Game Video - Analysis - Highlights

Post by wadewilson on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:58 am

does your video have 4k resolution?


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