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    Saints Invitational Empty Saints Invitational

    Post by HooptownGTA Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:26 pm

    Saints Invitational - hosted by St. Benedict (Cambridge)
    January 12-13, 2018

    Adam Scott (Peterborough)
    Barrie North
    Cathedral (Hamilton)
    Craig Kielburger (Milton)
    Eastwood (Kitchener)
    Glenview Park (Cambridge)
    Holy Names (Windsor)
    J.F. Ross (Guelph)
    Mother Teresa (London)
    Monsignor Doyle (Cambridge)
    Nicholson ( Belleville)
    Our Lady of Lourdes (Guelph)
    St. Benedict (Cambridge)
    St. James (Guelph)
    St. John's College (Brantford)
    St. Mary's (Kitchener)
    St. Michael (Stratford)
    Turner Fenton (Brampton)
    Woodland (Breslau)

    January 12th
    9:00am - St. James vs Ancaster
    9:00am - Monsignor Doyle vs Eastwood
    9:00am - Mother Teresa vs Brantford
    9:00am - Waterloo vs Cathedral
    10:30am - St. Benedict vs Our Lady of Lourdes
    10:30am - St. John's vs St. Michael
    10:30am - St. Mary's vs J.F. Ross
    10:30am - Waterloo vs Cathedral
    1:30pm - Ancaster vs Glenview
    1:30pm - Eastwood vs Craig Kielburger
    1:30pm - Brantford vs Collingwood
    1:30pm - Woodland vs Holy Names
    3:00pm - Our Lady of Lourdes vs Turner Fenton
    3:00pm - St. Michael vs Adam Scott
    3:00pm - J.F. Ross vs Nicholson
    3:00pm - Cathedral vs Barrie North
    6:00pm - Glenview Park vs St. James
    6:00pm - Craig Kielburger vs Monsignor Doyle
    6:00pm - Collingwood vs Mother Teresa
    7:30pm - Holy Names vs Timmins
    7:30pm - Adam Scott vs St. John's
    7:30pm - Nicholson vs St. Mary's
    8:45pm - Turner Fenton vs St. Benedict
    8:45pm - Barrie North vs Waterloo

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